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CROSS RENOVATION is a Christian based company that has provided home remodeling services to satisfied homeowners in Detroit, MICHIGAN and OHIO for many years. Whether a small repair or a major remodel, we’ve proven that quality and service won’t be compromised. A turnkey business, clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that CROSS RENOVATION takes total responsibility for the entire job; from initial consultation and design, to permits, construction, helping with interior decorating, final walk-through and any follow-up service during the warranty period.

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Bathroom Remodeling

Upgrading your bathroom can be an affordable way to improve the resale value of your home. You’ll find the latest in bathroom styles to provide inspiration for your next remodeling project. From creating a spa bathroom that pays dividends in daily luxury and relaxation, while adding an attractive selling feature to your home to a simple 1 day install CROSS RENOVATION can assist you from design to completion.

If you are looking for an actual price for your bathroom remodeling project, you are on the right page!

The first step in completing your home improvement project is making sure you get an accurate quote for your project.

A trustworthy company can't give you a price without seeing your home any more than a doctor can diagnose you without an examination. Every home−like every person−is unique and deserves individual attention.

Our approach to bathroom remodeling is to send a design consultant to your home. During your FREE appointment, the designer will determine if you are looking for a one day remodel or a completely different bathroomat this time the designer will get ideas from you and come up with a design that fits your style and needs.